The Great Story Reading Project

The Great Story Reading Project begin with teachers of Chinese and expanded to seven languages and hundreds of teachers world-wide sharing comprehensible texts for free.  In July 2017, the Great Story Reading Project was launched by the Stories First Foundation, an educational nonprofit promoting stories and reading for language acquisition.

The site is a wiki: it can be read, shared, and printed for free by anyone.  Users may create an account and contribute comprehensible stories.  Users can also edit any typos, or adapt or translate any existing stories into other languages or ability levels.  All stories should be public domain or free of copyright.

One of my favorite stories, Rapunzel, is available  in English,  French, and Italian.  Want to help adapt it into Spanish, Japanese, or Chinese? Visit to join in!



Published by

Claire Walter

I am an ESL teacher and I promote differentiated, compassionate instruction and assessment for English Language Learners.

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